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650 Carl Liter Pot Still for Sale

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650-liter CARL Batch Pot Still with 4 Plate Side Column & 19 Plate Rectification Column

·      650 ltr grain mash and 800 ltr low wine filling charge

·      Batch process: first, second, and third stage of distilling process

·      Pot, helmet, and columns (2) made of copper.

·      Steam jacket heating, overhead pipe, condenser and distillate outlet made of stainless steel.

·      Distilling approximately 800 ltr semi-raw alcohol/low wines at 30% ABV

·      Producing hearts at approx. 95% ABV

·      Pot diameter 43.3 in, sight glass and spray head, all instruments and armatures/fittings included.

·      Heavy duty pot agitator; slow gentle rotations.

·      Steam jacket made of SST

·      Standing on 4 legs.

·      Pressure relief value with manual steam control valves and condensate valve.

·      CARL botanical Basket located inside helmet


4 Plate Side Column

·      Made of copper

·      Diameter approx. 450mm

·      4 copper bubbling plates- Carl’s optimized design intensive aroma transfer

·      openings/sight glasses DN100 for cleaning and observation; one plate with illumination port

·      Cleaning spray balls for each plate

·      Disgorging device / mechanical foam stop


19 plate side rectification column

·      Approx. height 25 ft (+ min. 2 ft clearance recommended for install)

·      Made of copper

·      Installed on frame beside the pot

·      Diameter approx. 450mm

·      19 copper bubbling plates – rectification design for intensive substance and heat transfer.

·      openings/sight glasses DN100 for cleaning and observation; one plate with illumination port on lowest plate for monitoring column fill.

·      One Vodka-design partial condenser (dephlegmator) in column head above the highest plate, tubular heat exchange design for massive reflux on the plates.


Overhead pipe in stainless steel from the helmet to the side column to the condenser.





·      Diameter about 250 mm/9.85in, length 1800 mm/71 in

·      Made of SST.

·      Tubular Condenser

·      Cooling Water regulation armature

·      Distillate outlet with alcoholmeter


Frame to carry the side rectification column and condenser. Made of SST.

Three intermediate alcohol storage tanks for heads, hearts, and tails.

Total capacity 1,000 ltr.


One UL rated electrical panel, pre-wired, for digital temperature monitoring of the still, including: safety alarm for final condenser, and all thermowells and sensors on the still.



All mechanical drawings sent by CARL included.


Sold As-Is, Where-Is. But we’ve been using this still since we opened. And last used it February 6, 2017.


We will help dissemble and crate but those costs will be your responsibility. Shipping to be paid for by you but we can help arrange, if needed.


Available Immediately.  $119,000

email: smoothambler at gmail dot com

Phone: 304-497-3123

Pictures in the link (I think this works :) ):


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On 2/20/2017 at 9:26 AM, JohninWV said:

650-liter CARL Batch Pot Still with 4 Plate Side Column & 19 Plate Rectification Column



Have you an estimate yet for crating and shipping? We are thinking of shipping to Holland MI 49424 or nearby. Also, extensive list of what is included, but can you say what is NOT included, that is, needed to start operation. Thanks, Derrick, Blue Star Distillery, MI. Email me dcmancini@me.com

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