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Ideas on barrel filling

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We've been making white rum for a while now and we have finally gotten our hands on some nice 30 gallon barrels to begin our aging program. We've got spirit ready to go in the barrels, but I need some ideas on how to get our rum into the barrels. We don't fill hundreds of barrels, so I haven't invested in a pump for this yet, but might go ahead and get one of the small explosion proof pumps from TCW. 

What creative ways do you fill up your barrels?

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20170222_171510.thumb.jpg.a271ab57337bab2e644ce2050917f342.jpgFork lift as above. Syphon over top of your raised tank or hose on tank valve.

If you don't have a motorised fork or are short of room, a cheap option is hand operated one. See photo attached. 

Cheapest option is a bucket and funnel

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Pretty much three ways to move liquid, gravity if you have it, pump if you don't, and bucket and funnel.

We have a few situations we let gravity do the work. Most of it is pumping. Collect the last in the hoses or tank in a bucket and dump.

Just a bucket and funnel would work, but you are wasting your time, pumps aren't that expensive. I can't imagine operating a distillery without a spirit pump.

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We have a self cavitating tank pump that we set up for circulation (so the spirit doesnt stratify)

I set up a "T" on top of the pump output, which connects to a transfer hose and a gas pump style filling nozzle from Finish Thompson (http://www.burtprocess.com/shopping/search/nozzle?brands=13)

When the filler handle is depressed, the output of the pump is channeled into the transfer hose, and when the handle is released, the flow goes back into the tank for circulation. much quicker than gravity feeding. I can fill a 53 gallon barrel in about a minute.




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i was pretty stoked. . .  i had the circulation loop going,  but stsrted with the transfer hose on a racking port and was gonna gravity fill. . .  i started one barrel and said screw that,  gonna take forever haha. 

necessity is the mother of invention. 


it worked great (and when i bought the fill nozzle,  i verified it could take a certain amount of back pressure, just to make sure) 

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