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Hey everyone. Our distillery is new. In Brooklyn, New York. We've been reaching out to Liquor stores and bars/restaurants. Recently we made a sale to a liquor store who said that we needed to change our Quickbooks invoice settings because it's illegal to accept credit card payments. Can anyone point us to where this might be listed so that we can confirm? Also, we want to see if we can accept bank transfers as well. Thanks so much! 

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Quick google found this:


As a licensed retailer, you may only purchase alcoholic beverages from wholesalers
and manufacturers who are licensed in this state. You cannot buy from another retailer
in this state unless the retailer is selling its inventory with a liquidator’s permit. You cannot
purchase alcoholic beverages from any entity located outside of this state.
If you have a wine or liquor license, manufacturers and wholesalers may only sell to
you at the prices that have been posted with the SLA. The schedules containing those
prices are available on the SLA’s website.
You must pay for alcoholic beverages you purchase in cash (which includes checks
drawn on your business account and electronic funds transfers, but not credit cards).
The wholesaler may, but does not have to, offer payment on credit. The amount of time
you have to pay for credit purchases depends on whether you are buying from a beer
wholesaler or a liquor/wine wholesaler.
If you purchase on credit and fail to pay the bill on time, you will be placed on the
delinquent list, also referred to as the “C.O.D.” list. You will remain on the delinquent
list until you pay that bill. While you are on the delinquent list, no wholesaler can sell
you alcoholic beverages on credit.


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