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Automated rectification still for your discarded heads and tails

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We have a simple suggestion for utilizing your heads and tails from your whiskey and other spirit runs.  These can be re-distilled in our automated GENIO still, which will give you above 190 proof neutral spirit for subsequent use for VODKAS or GINS. Our stills come with an activated carbon filter and you can select to automatically pass your re-distilled spirit through the filter to remove further aroma and flavor from it.  

Our GENIO Still 250 (66 gallons) is only about USD $10.1K and shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada is $1.3K, so for about $11.4K you can have a standalone plug and play automated distillation system that can produce on average 10L of above 190 proof neutral spirit per hour. With average electrical power use of 10kW per hour, it will be about 1kWh of electricity cost per liter of 190 proof of spirit.  In the US, average kWh costs $0.12, so for $0.45 you can have a gallon of 190 proof neutral spirit, which is likely significantly less than purchased NGS from industrial sources and it would also be made from your ingredients, therefore still "Artisan" and not pretend "Artisan" like NGS is generally considered.  Since you already have heads and tails, you might as well use them for something useful as opposed to disposing of it (in a safe manner of course).

Our stills have a small footprint, are efficient, affordable and also automated using touchscreen controls therefore other than pouring your heads and tails into the pot and diluting it to less than 60 proof, you don't need to watch over it to ensure it hits 190 proof.  Great addition to any existing copper whiskey still or a great standalone workhorse for any distillery.  You can also make WHISKY, BRANDY, RUM and any other spirit you want with it, but its competitive advantage is the automated feature in reaching 190 proof. It comes with a GIN basket, which will also save you time from cleaning your other still's column from juniper oils if you want to have this as your standalone Neutral spirit still and Gin still.

For additional information, feel free to visit our website or email our US representative at usa@g-still.com or Canada at ca@g-still.com





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I love my Genio still. I have two 50-L versions, one for stripping (it has an oil jacket that is electrically heated so you can distill on the grain) and one for spirit runs with a direct electric heating element. It does reach > 190 proof all day and works great manually or automated. I prefer to make my cuts as clean as possible so I typically run it more on the manual side... thumbs up Genio!

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En route to Maryland for the ADI Expo via upstate NY.  We are super excited and cannot wait to show you what is in the crate.......actually two crates to be exact.  See you in Baltimore at booth 731.


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