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Ready to start blending, warehousing and bottling

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So I've been contract distilling with a DSP for a couple of years. Aging bourbon onsite at the DSP in 53 Gallon Barrels, using their equipment every 6 months to make a new batch. The time has now come to get my own space and DSP so I can warehouse the barrels, blend and bottle the Bourbon.

Looking for any help or advice from others that have gone through a similar situation or have more knowledge than I do on the subject and laws etc. Anything would be appreciated.

I understand, even though I will not be distilling, for now onsite I will still have to apply for a DSP.

The space that I am looking at will be a shared space with a brewery, I am interested to know if there will be any problems with this. I know of a couple of breweries in town that also do distilling and they just have to rope off the distilling space from the brewery space. The brewery currently use the space for aging beer and storage as an expansion of premises from their brewery at a different location.

So I would like to start with a couple of questions.

If I go ahead with the space can I just start the application process for a DSP right away?

Would I have to get the space bonded and insured first?

What else should I be looking out for? Again the space will be only used to age, blend and bottle.


Any help would be appreciated to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance and Cheers from Minneapolis

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Didn’t really get any answers. I’m still aging and bottling in the original dsp. I didn’t have the time or money to apply for my own dsp. Thinking about doing something more affordable outside of the city. 


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