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Wax Buttons


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We want to put a wax button on our bottle like Balcones or Tanqueray, etc.

What is the consensus for the best way to do this? 

Seems buying the peel and stick version like these (http://www.premiumwaxseals.com/product/custom-wax-seals) would be easiest but certainly not the cheapest.

How much of a PITA is dripping the wax on and stamping it with a brass stamper? Will it stay on, etc?

Whats the best place to get this stuff?

Anyone with experience, let us know!

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We dip our beer bottles and use a brass stamp on the top. About a 2 out of 5 on the PITA scale? The brass needs to be relatively cool and warms up pretty quickly after a few wax seals, but using a freezer pack as a rest and having a spare deal with that. Upside, when the stamp gets warm and rips away the wax it makes a nice round seal we can stick on our hats.

I'd assume that Tanqueray has some fancy extruder that puts exactly the right amount of wax in that divot and puts a perfect press on every time. You could maybe use something like this to make stamps en masse and have your own peel and stick?

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