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Possible Distillery for Lease Texas

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We've got a small distillery in Central Texas, kicking the idea around of leasing out the distillery.  The main building is approximately 1,500 sqft with a separate building built for a tasting room 640sqft that is unfinished.  Nice 5 acre property with a small lake, rolling hills in the area.  Lot's of Saturday, motorcycle/sports car traffic.  Great set up for tastings, concerts, festivals etc. limitless potential. 60K college students 20 miles away and roughly over 7 million people within an hour and half radius. This would be for a 5 year triple net lease with a 20K - 25K deposit held in escrow. We would still retain our brands and develop new ones, just thinking about getting out of the operation end of things and focus more on sales and marketing. Permits are current and would have to be assigned or new ones applied.  This is a turnkey small distillery, nothing fancy but 4 years of hard work already in place.



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