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Whiskey bottle 750 ml bartop finish

Marie bottlegirl

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I would like to inform you that I will be your new contact at United Bottles & Packaging. I will be replacing Frank concerning everything to do with packaging for the spirits and wine industry. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry or information.

For those who were waiting for our new private mold of whiskey/rum bottles. I am excited to announce that our Whiskey bottle SP007 is AVAILABLE NOW!!

It is a generic American looking whiskey bottle with a bar top finish as shown in the photo. You can immediately request for an order! We offer a very competitive price of 78¢ (U.S) in bulk Whisky FOB Laval and $10.62 (U.S) in cartons of 12 bottles or $7.31 (U.S) in cartons of 6 bottles Whisky FOB Laval (white carton, corrigated partition with head space for the Bar top closure).

Also available is the Gin/Vodka bottle SP006 (see picture) offered in bulk, and cartons of 12 or 6 cases. Please call me for more information or request for pricing.

At United Bottles & Packaging we offer great service every time!!

Marie-France Pelletier

450-622 1600 #235




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