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Alcohol Blending Software

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Based on 10 years experience in running a Distilled Spirits Plant, ABS Alcohol Blending Software 3.0 has been written to automate the gauging manual lookups required for processing alcohol. Developed at the West Virginia Distilling Company this program consists of 50+ blending and accounting spreadsheets that run in Excel. Together they cover every blending operation authorized by TTB. In addition the tables have been expanded to allow for using all algorighms with 1/10th proof accuracy instead of just whole proof accuracy. I have posted a full description of the software at the home site of http://www.mountainmoonshine.com/ along with a read only version of the program for people to evaluate.

I think this work will save allot of time and give distillers more flexability and control over their blending processes.

I have also posted some hard to find reference works on distilling as well as a list of suppliers and resources that you might find useful even if you don't need the software. There is also some video of the plant operations.

I hope to open a discussion forum here relating to this new program where users can compare notes on the applications of the software.

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering a copy of this software.

Payton Fireman pfireman@verizon.net

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I just got my copy of the software. I'll be giving a a run through in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the quick delivery Payton.

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