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275 gallon Still for sale

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For sale is an electric 275 gallon charge capacity pot/stripping still. The pot itself if 16 gauge stainless steel with a 13” manway (Dimensions of pot are below).  There are no plates or baffles within the copper column.  The dephlegmator has ¾” NPT ports for water lines.  At the top of the column is a 1.5” Tri clamp 3” temperature gauge. The Lyne arm leaving the column is 2” copper ending in a 2” copper tri clamp fitting meeting the ss shotgun condenser.  The still runs off (3) 5500 watt elements, however we recommend the addition of several elements to decrease heatup and run times. Without packing the still averages a run proof of 120 depending on how fast it’s ran.  We’ve used the still for 9 months and have outgrown it’s capacity. This is ideal for a making gin from neutral spirits or dedicating as a gin still. Still is hand made and shows some character.  Great for a work-horse in the DSP.  For offers,pictures and any questions email Jon at jon@gddistilling.com or pm.

Still is located in Southern Michigan and available in June of 2017. Local pickup preferred, able to arrange shipping if necessary. Asking $2,500


Diameter of Pot: 41”

Height of pot to shoulder: 51”

Height from floor to column flange: 69”

Height of column: 62”

Column Diameter: 8”

Overall unit height: 131”

Still is on 4 casters for easy mobility.

Agitator Specs: Explosion proof  1hp 115/230volt geared down to ~75rpm.

40” shaft and (2) 14” impellers.

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