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Finally on the market.


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We have finally been able to bring our product, "Palm Ridge Reserve" to the local market. If you get a chance please check out our website @ www.palmridgereserve.com. It has been a long and circuitous journey. We would like to thank everyone that has helped us to get here. In particular, The Colonel@ Copper Moonshine Stills, Jay@ Gibbs Bros Cooperage, Pascal@ United Bottles & Packaging, Linda@ St Louis Litho, Lynne@ StPats(enolmatic), Marc@ Race Labeling, Ron@ Florida Micro Beverage Distributors and last but not least Mr. Butler@ TTB and all of the contributors at the ADI Forum.


Marti & Dick

Florida Farm Distillers

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Congratulations! I am sure it has been a long road!

I look forward to tasting it someday. I hope you will be entering it in the ADI Whiskey Judging that will be held in Louisville this May.



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Looks great on the website. Good bottle, great label, can almost smell it. Which reminds me...

We're currently working on a new technology that will allow websites to broadcast the aroma of their products over the internet. It's working here at our place, but we're having difficulty in some locations. We will let you know when it's working.

Seriously, though. I notice your website uses the term Bourbon-style, while the bottle says nothing about Bourbon. Clearly, the product does not meet the standards of identity for Bourbon, but have you considered the term: Whiskey from a Bourbon Mash? You may meet that standard.

Nicely done,


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Congratulations. I never found the water here in South Florida to be capable of either brewing or distilling. Hopefully, the water there in Central Florida is much better.

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