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DSP Permit Timing Question.


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I sent in my DSP application on November 20th and heard from them a short time afterwards that it had been received. Since that time, I've spoken with my contact there about a few questions that I had.

I haven't heard anything from them since and I'm getting anxious. I don't want to be pushy as I'm sure they are overloaded as well, so I'm wondering what the next step is. Should I call and get a timeline or sit tight for another week or so? It's my inclination to call.

I don't want to be waiting if there's a problem I can fix now. With the holidays and all, it's about 60 days since they received it.

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You should have had contact with them for you to get many things they will want changed, corrected, added, etc.

I am at 100 days since them receiving my application and have had much contact with them. They had told me for three weeks in a row that I would have an approved application. I called today and now the rep I have is going to have to get her supervisor to have someone else do it because she is too busy.

Meantime here I sit. So, I guess I am saying expect 100 to 120 days and many revisions, additions etc.

Good luck.

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There's a sticky section of the forum where we are trying to accumulate that sort of information, so please, Scott and Lee, make sure you post your results HERE you can go back and re-edit your post any time, so we can get a real-time view of the workload at TTB.

Scott, do you think that calling every week accelerated the process for you?

Lee, it can only get better...mine took 165 days. Let's get something else in the pot for you...at least you will have something to pour and take orders with.

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