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When receiving barrels that are transferred in bond, do I need to gauge every single barrel? Proofing and weighing the liquid is easy, but I am not sure about determining the tare.  The regs call for dumping the liquid to figure out the weight of the barrel, but what if the liquid is a bourbon? Could the liquid even be returned to the now used barrel?

Any help would be great. Thank you.

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§19.405   Consignor for in-bond shipments.

(d) Packages. When a consignor transfers spirits in packages, the consignor must weigh each package except in the following circumstances:

(1) When transferring the spirits in a secured conveyance;

(2) When the consignor has securely sealed the individual packages; or

(3) When the appropriate TTB officer waives this requirement upon a finding that there will be no jeopardy to the revenue.

§19.407   Consignee premises.

(b) Packages. When a consignee receives spirits in packages, the consignee must weigh each package. The consignee must record the receiving weight of each package on the accompanying package gauge record or on a list according to temporary package serial numbers prepared by the consignor. A copy of the package gauge record or list must remain with the original transfer record. However, the consignee is not required to weigh each package when:

(1) The transfer is made in a secured conveyance and the securing devices are intact on arrival;

(2) The individual packages were sealed by the consignor and are intact on arrival; or

(3) The requirement for weighing the packages at the consignor's premises has been waived under §19.405(d)(3).

(c) Bulk conveyances and pipelines. When a consignee receives spirits, denatured spirits, or wines by bulk conveyance or by pipeline, the consignee must:

(1) Make a gauge and record the results on the transfer record in accordance with §19.621 or §24.309 of this chapter. However, the appropriate TTB officer may waive the gauging requirement for receipts by pipeline upon a finding that there will be no jeopardy to the revenue; and

(2) Ensure that each conveyance is empty and has been thoroughly drained.


Our understanding is that the tare and gauge should be supplied by the source of the transferred spirit, and when receiving packages (especially bourbon) that the one receiving only has to weigh to confirm nothing has gone missing.

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