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Hello from the Lowcountry! (Savannah / Hilton Head)

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Hello.  100% Newb here.  My mom just retired from wine making and I would like to follow somewhat in her footsteps.  I would like to begin the process of learning how to make vodka.  I look foward to gaining and hopefully someday soon contributing to this community.

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2 hours ago, tbagnulo said:

Howdy SRT6.  There are a few of us having fun with craft spirits, here in The Lowcountry.  I'm based in HHI, so if you ever want to connect, feel free to drop a line.  And good luck in your journey.



Awesome.  That is good news.  Have you ever done Vodka?

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37 minutes ago, RockyPoint Copper Stills said:

Vodka is a fun product to make and design new drinks with. Your distillation unit can make it easy or hard depending on the style.

Christopher Kelley 


Glad to hear it.  Any suggestions?


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Out of curiosity, what do you guys do for filtration on mash water in low lying areas like that?  Whenever I get to HHI or similar coastal areas, I always remember thinking the tap water is very brackish.  Do you DI, RO, or just big blue filter it?  



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