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New Craft Distributor: PA & Eastern Control Markets


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Greetings all - First time poster here!   I'm consulting on a project that is set to go live in early 2018 - a Craft centric distributor that is based in PA with plans to expand into additional Control Markets including VA, NC and NH. 

I have worked in PA since 2001 and have been running all Eastern Control Markets for several years for a major wine and spirits supplier so I can say with certainty that there is a real need for this business model.  The lead distributor in this state has close to 1400 brands...not SKU's, brands.  Getting share of mind isn't easy and the PLCB is an evolving, challenging retailer and the state can be a real headache to break into, especially given the scale of the current disributors. 

If you are interested in getting your products set up in PA please reply here or just shoot me a note and we can connect.  This distributor will have a heavy emphasis in the on-premise arena, an in-house creative / design division, a tasting team, analytics and will touch all channels of the PLCB.  If you are looking for the opportunity to get in early, this is it. 


- JBC 





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Wow what a response so far!  Thanks to all that reached out to start the dialogue - looking forward to establishing many more contacts here.

Please continue to reach out - I am confident this will come together in PA and beyond!

Thanks all - James 

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Please forward your contact info .

Although I have a DSp in PA already, I am starting a new venture and have several brand clients who will be interested in connecting with you

Thanks! Reply to wellagedwhisky@gmail.com please--I dont check the forum message so please go directly through that email


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