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Distillery needs Winery bonding for brandy????


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This is a new thread related to whether a distillery also needs a winery bonding permit. I had made the statement that they do based on an article I read. Below is a response from 'grehorst' and a link to that article.

Please, if you know some solid facts regarding this, put in your info.


Who told you this? Recently a distiller I know was told this in error by someone in the TTB. He went ahead and got a winery permit that it turned out he didn't need. If it was someone within the TTB, contact someone else!

Here's an exert from the article, originally posted online about Yahara Bay distillery in Madison WI.



"Quint's own permitting review ensued because of his apple brandy production. The brandy is made with apple juice fermented in 300-gallon tanks, a process that, technically, is wine making.

"I'm a distillery, not a winery. Now I have to be a bonded winery" Quint said. "I'm redoing all of my permits, primarily because of being bonded as a winery. It's a daunting task."

Yellow tape on the floor of a 15-foot by 12-foot section of the warehouse designates where Quint's winery begins, and the distillery ends. By law, Quint is required to document product transfer in and out of this small square. He said he understands that the industry he has chosen needs regulation, but he believes there's a better way to do it."


How about a TTB person weighing in on this article and let's get the matter settled. Sounds like, just maybe, Quint got jilted by the TTB, if you're correct. This one we have to get settled due our wanting to make brandy a large part of the custom distilling we want to do for the wineries around here.

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Nick was the distiller I was referring to in my original response. The article is old, the TTB later issued a retraction and apology (after he got the winery permit).

They may be from the Government, they may be here to help us, but it doesn't always mean they're right.

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The article had a current date, apparently since it changed each time you look at it. Otherwise, there wasn't any way to see when it was written.

It does go to prove a point on questioning things we are told by the government though. Wonder if he tried to recover any of his expenses?

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