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A 10 hl (264 gallons) alembic is offered for sale - $110,000

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The highlights of this equipment are the following:

• This still was built in 1979 at the shop of Robert Prulho, the premier manufacturer of alembics in Cognac for the last 60 years.

• This equipment has never been used since the date of manufacturing, and has been stored without ever been installed.

• The main components are: the pot, the head, the swan neck, the wine-heater, the condenser coil, and the cooler. All of these part are hand made in copper, with the exception of the cooler which is made in stainless steel.

• 10 hectoliters (264 gallons) in charge capacity, as this one, were made only to special order in 1979 at a time when the established size had been already for several decades the 25 hl (660 gallons). Nowadays is practically impossible to find a used small still in usable conditions.

• The picture above shows the alembic assembled prior to been shipped to America in 1979. In the current state the large components are all intact, needing only cleaning the brass valves and fittings. Only a few small parts are missing, but they are easy to find in France or to have them made domestically.


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