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Hi and thanks from CT!

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Just wanted to thank everyone who answers questions on here, it is so useful and informative.

I am inching closer to getting up and started, small but with very minimal debt. I already have 100 gal jacketed stainless tank, a 500 gal jacketed mash tank (have to pick up in NJ), most of the lab equip, glassware, some 5 and 10 gal and 30 gal stainless small batch equip. A few pumps, including diaphragm pumps, pharma grade hoses from 1/2" to 3" triclamps, with a few buckets of clamps and small connectors. A few intermediate sized stainless tanks from 25-150 gal, lots of HDPE 50 gal and 50 L containers. A few grain contacts, tentative great location and a decent fast ageing technique I have been working on in my spare time at big pharma as a lab chemist.

Again, thanks for taking the time out to help other everyone..


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