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Rum Ingredients

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Currently looking for suppliers of molasses for our rum, we're located in New Jersey. We do not want to use blackstrap molasses since we want to use a higher grade molasses. Our plan is to make white rum, then use some of the rum to age in barrels. Using the barrel aged rum, we will bottle it from the barrel and them take some to make a spiced rum. 

Any help with ingredients  other than molasses or any insights in general are greatly appreciated. We're still a few months out from production, still the planning phase. 

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Other than blackstrap:   http://lmgtfy.com/?q=molasses+new+jersey  We've used International shipping out of Dayton. Good folks to work with.  You pick the volume from bucket to tanker.  The book "The Distiller's Guide to Rum" is a valuable resource.   Lot's of choices on yeast strains. We've used everything from bakers to beer strains (currently user a fermentis product).  I enjoy making rum as there are so many different approaches and treatments.  Enjoy the journey!



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Thanks for the insights. I was thinking of using International Molasses and just reached out to them about their three different types of molasses for rum.

I also bought the book on Amazon and read it in a couple hours. Definitely one of the best things I have found when it comes to the entire process of distilling rum but it is also very useful for distilling in general.

Thanks again for the helpful information!

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