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Mango brandy


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So I started fermenting a test batch of Mango Brandy the other day and planned to add more mangos during the fermentation as the rest ripened. I have 400 more... Well it only took one day to ferment. I did the math according to the the expected sugar content of a mango compared to the volume of juice, as I don't have an Anton parr yet. I used k1-v1116 hydrated in go ferm. The SG should have been 1.058. I have a reading of 7% alcohol. The goal was 8%. The question is... I know that the reading is incorrect because it still has sediment in it. Any suggestions?

I hope to only inoculate one more time as I will store a large batch in the fridge while waiting for the rest to ripen. 

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Update: The ferment is going great and the yeast is coming back aggressively every time I add more fresh mango juice. Usually just two days between adding juice. I have one more juice session left and no need to inoculate as the yeast is going great and finishing the fermentation overnight every time. I severely under pitched compared to the sugar content and it is still aggressive and vibrantly fermenting while gaining little to no heat during the fermentation. 

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That sounds about right. Quick 'close enough' conversion is

(SG - 1) * 1000 / 4 = Brix

So 1.058 = 14.5 Brix

Full conversion should be half the Brix as percent alcohol, which would be about 7% in this case. Did you not take an original gravity when making the original must?

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I did this commercially in Thailand.  The mango fibre/pulp will usually settle out fairly quickly in the fermented wash. The lower the tank temperature the faster the settling.

It can be difficult in warmer climates.

Do some trials with a wine making fining agent (bentonite, casein, isinglass, gelatine, PVPP)  to find out which one assists with clarification the best.

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