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Flow Meters

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Hey guys I need a fairly priced flow meter to help move product from one tote tank to another. Im basically going to have one tote on top and theoretically a flow meter attached to it that empties into the tank below. 

Something that doesn't cost too much <500$ would be preferable. Main thing is I just need it to be rather accurate. 

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6 to 40 gpm Liquid Mechanical Flowmeter

  • Item # 30J080
  • Mfr. Model # 900CDBSPT
  • Catalog Page # N/A
  • UNSPSC # 41112501


Make sure you have approval for all wetted parts to ethanol (solvent).....you should consider EX or ATEX rated considering you have a potentially flammable/explosive situation

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"Rather" accurate isn't a great specification. Are you looking for 0.1%, 1.0%, 5.0%? What peak flow rate, how much turndown?

Just taking a guess at your requirements, give this a look:




Omega sells the same one, albeit more expensive. The meter has the entity parameters on it, for use in hazardous atmosphere (designed for oil and gas applications). The base unit has an unamplified hall effect sensor that detects when the turbine wheel passes by (around 10-20 mV output, maybe). You can either use it as is, or use one of the amplified magnetic pickups. You'll need to read through the datasheets, but I believe it can give you either 5 VDC pulses or a 4-20mA signal. You would obviously need to use zener barriers, sealed conduit, or whatever methods suit you if you will be using it in a classified area.

The big thing that you should notice in the specs is the 0.1% repeatability. That means it will be accurate IF you calibrate it for your needs. They are calibrated for water at room temperature (20C), I believe. If you want accurate readings, you will need to calibrate for the water/ethanol concentration and temperature that you will be using. If you don't calibrate the meter for the fluid and temperature you are measuring, the stated accuracy of the meter is meaningless. 

Keep in mind that for most meters, you will probably need 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 downstream to ensure fully developed flow, but this will be specified by the manufacturer.

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Another possible option.

Wilden sells a diaphragm pump that uses an electronic/solenoid batching controller.

The pump is an air operated diaphragm, and each stroke dispenses a specific volume.  By counting the strokes, you can dispense a specific volume from one tank to the other.

This might be easier/more accurate than a flow meter.

Or, why not just use a scale on the bottom tank?

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Silk - you have an option for scales in the $500 range?  We have Arlyn scales and they are not very accurate despite the $2k paid for them.

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