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New 500 Gallon hybrid still Available

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I have a 500 gallon still manufactured by Grand Teton for sale. I never used the still, nor did I ever take possession of it. I bought the still in anticipation of an expansion but my facility is too small for the still and I am going in another direction, so the still is brand new. The still is at the Grand Teton warehouse and ready to ship asap. I can help set up shipping if need be. These stills are selling for $32,900 right now (http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/hybrid-pot-still-with-short-copper-column).

Stills should make booze, this one is sitting in a warehouse, sad.

Shoot me a reasonable offer, and she can be yours.

Best way to reach me is via email at chris@dunordcraftspirits.com

Still front.jpg

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