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29" MP-800 Turbo Robot-Coupe Commercial Immersion Blender Unused New in Box

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For Sale:

"The Big One" in the lineup of units pictured below...

MP 800 Turbo Commercial immersion blender by Robot-Coupe

Our history with this equipment:  We purchased this unit new with the intent of using it to chop up cooked potato for test batches toward eventual potato vodka.  A damaged during shipping package caused us to return the device which was swapped for a new unit.  As things go, by the time that was sorted out and we got our new MP800, we of couse changed up our recipe for a different and ultimately better system for us.  The result was a new in box commercial blender that we have no current need for.

New from online stores, this unit goes for $1634.00 according to google shopping (URL is too long to share, pls google for yourself...)  

Asking Price: $1000 if you are in Maine and can pay cash when you pick it up.... or $1100 if you are not in Maine and want to pay with a credit card. The extra $100 to non-Mainers to cover shipping to you in the lower 48 + insurance on the purchase value (sorry, you can't not get insurance, that's my lesson learned...).  Or bitcoin..., i'll consider a bitcoin offer if you have some to trade, email me :). 

Please email me questions and offers to scott - at- twenty2vodka.com. Thanks!








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