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steam heated Stills


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Hi Guys,

We are a still equipment manufacturer.

We can customize the still (≥50liter capacity) according to your budget and needs.

Our still can be used for making vodka,whiskey,brandy,gin,rum or other distilled spirits.

Here are some photos of  600L vodka still and 300L gin still we made for customers.



600L vodka still: $65000/unit.

  • steam heated
  • copper interior
  • copper helmet
  • copper distillation column
  • stainless steel dephlegmator,condenser and storage tanks
  • CIP cleaning system

300L gin still: $19000/unit.

  • steam heated
  • copper interior
  • copper helmet

More details can be discussed and contact me at daey0013@dayuwz.com.

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