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Grain Mill for sale

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Meadows 8 Inch Stone Burr Mill

The 8 inch stone burr mill is mounted on the top of the steel table.  Flour falls from the mill housings through the 5 inch diameter outlet into your bag or brute.  The electric motor is mounted next to the stone burr mill on the top of the table.  A guard covers the belt drive.  The dimensions of the Assembly C are 34 inches (length) x 32 inches (width) x 57 inches (height).  Comes with the 24" steel casters.

This is brand new. Ran 10 pounds grain through it once just to test it out when it arrived.  This will grind anything from a roller mill gentle crack of the grain or a hammer mill- flour  total adjustment at your control.


Purchased with shipping for about $3500- selling for $2500


IMG_6940 (1).jpg

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I have the grain Mill located in Portland, OR.  I am selling because I did not get my official distillery off the ground.  It new and in perfect working order.  I ran one bag or grain through when I received it to test it out, and nothing else.
I wront stone Burr Mill and it's a Steel burr mill.
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