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Mash tun, auction August 16th, $1 min bid. Nebraska


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Up for auction August 16th, no reserve, Bigiron.com


Additional Pictures of the mashtun not on Big Iron are here... https://goo.gl/photos/7FUDdubbo2MCN3929 One picture says "leaks", that refers to the old freon coil, not product in the tank.

This Mash tun could ship on a pallet LTL making shipping to most places inexpensive.

Sam Spilker, owner, ph # 402-798-7445, spilkersam@gmail.com. Spilker Ales, 300 W 4th st, Cortland, NE 68331

  • Mash tun 13 to 15 bbl mash tun,(410 gallons), liquify & pump spent malt discharge(or just scoop it if you prefer), 47”w, 55”l, 45.5” h outside dimensions, 1-1.5” bevel outlet, 3” TC malt discharge outlet, “strainmaster” type false bottom(stainless steel pipes with slits cut on the underside of the pipes), manual stir in. No lids on tank, but can give you a flat S.S. lid if you desire. currently using food grade tarp material. Everything is Frankenbrew type components. Typically I would get 29.4--30.2 PPG(specific gravity points per gallon per pound of grain) for efficiency, or in other lingo 80% efficiency.

    It also mashes smaller batches (3 to 10 bbls) efficiently. This tun will come with a sight glass for flow and an outlet valve, style of your choosing.
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