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Market Survey Questions

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I am trying to put together a market survey for my business plan. I am curious what types of questions you feel are important? I have a good deal together, but looking for feedback from those already up and running. Would be willing to share it with you.




I haven't looked at the contents of the economics section in a while, but this was one of my best resources when trying to figure out market demand and to get an idea on the size of the industry.

Who do you plan to survey? Are you talking paper and pencil "please fill out this form"? or Focus Groups? We had a marketing firm who wanted us to spend almost $40,000 on focus groups around our bottle and brand. We opted out, and went with our gut. So far so good, and we saved $40K for something else. Give your gut the credit it deserves. And beware of the bias your friends and family are going to have because they are your friends and family.

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