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Stripping in a mash tun

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Hello all

I know there have been other discussion threads talking about stripping in a mash tun.  I have a 4000 L mash and a 1300 L Kothe hybrid still.  Right now, we are finding that our stripping runs are one of the weak links in increasing production.   We have done some preliminary investigation on modifying our mash to become a stripping still of considerable size. Does anyone out there have specific experience with this size of Still/tank? Or does anyone have specific experience with this brand.? Any advice you could provide would be much helpful!


Thank you all in advance,






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Hi Jeremiah.


We have 30 or 40 combination mash tun stills in distilleries all over the US and some in Canada.  We could build the column flange to go on your vessel as well as the column line arm and condenser.  If you have a drawing of the tun that you could send us, we can give you a quote for everything that you need.  You would just need someone there to weld on our column flange and cut the whole for the column flange.  We can even supply directions so that your sanitary welder can easily do the job.  Our email is paul@distillery-equipment.com  Shoot us out an email and we will supply the quote as well as our reference list and a list of the people using our combination Mash Tun Stills.

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