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For long time aging

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I am not claiming in any way to be a subject matter expert on this. However, my understanding and practice is that if you do distill to a lower proof, you'll do a few things. Not only will you provide more flavor from the base spirit, but by doing so you will allow the aging to mature a bit quicker being that there is more base flavors for the wood to interact with. We distill at a lower proof because it provides for a more fuller flavor quicker. Also, the level of char plays a part in the process, or if you're using new or used barrels. There's a few folks out there that know a whole lot more about this, maybe they'll post.

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Distilling to lower proof means your keeping too much of the seconds. No matter how long you plan to age it, the distillate should come out ~68%. After that you can dilute if you wish. However, the longer you plan to age it, the higher you want to keep the proof initially (you will lose alcohol over time. Put it in barrel at something like ~64%. Apple brandy starts to get nice after ~10 years and is really best from 25-35 years old.

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