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mash tun sizing

Guest db337

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was hoping someone could help me out with mash tun sizing. Wanting to know what size we will need to produce 270 gallons of filtered wash. Will be putting in 2lbs grain per gallon of liquid approximately. How many gallons are the grains going to take up in the mash tun? So overall what size will we need to accommodate all this and have some room to spare? thanks for any help!


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Your solution is part math problem part what works for you. A good estimate for us is for every 38 gal. of liquid (after filtering), you need approx. 50 gal. of space. So, based on that figure, you're looking at needing 355 gal. for your cooking space. After that you need headspace for stirring. Your headspace is calculated based on your dimensions figuring that one cubic foot is equal to approx. 7.5 gal. It's funny how those numbers go up when you start figuring it all out.

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