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From our experience, it means first that you dealer is honest and isn't letting you find out upon delivery. Second, in Canada, it means that achieving compliance before a ticketed professional installs it. For example, we had to ship our CE motors away to be tested to get appropriate stickers for our electricians to even touch them as CE is not the same as UL. From what i understand, CE is effectively an honor system in Europe and regulatory inspection is not required (which is required for UL and CSA certification). We have no experience with ISO.

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The real answer is to talk to your Head Building Inspector.  He or someone who reports to him is the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) in this matter.  If he says it is okay to have in his city, then it is okay.  Many pieces of factory equipment that are installed in the US are not UL or CSA but that is up to the AHJ.

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In the USA a boiler is certified by the National Board and has a NB number assigned.

The boiler design nearly always must meet ASME code as well. There are exemptions for low pressure and small volume systems. Local and State codes can also place different requirements which can be more or less restrictive.

Thatch's advice is spot-on, the local person makes the final decision, get them involved early in the program.

My advice is when it comes to pressure vessels (boilers, air compressors, chiller systems) get domestic regardless of where you are located.  You can expend a lot of time & $ trying to make a case to the authorities for imported pressure vessel equipment.

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