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Coming Soon! - Brandy, Scotch & Rum barrels!

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We're now taking orders for incoming shipments of spirit barrels! We're going to have brandy barrels, scotch and rum barres available. These barrels are set to arrive in Jan/Feb 2018. We will have a limited supply and these barrels are going to move fast, so secure your order now!
Pricing starts at $160/barrel.
Multiple use whiskey barrels available now at $55/barrel.
  • 53 gallon/200 liter
  • 100% ready for refill
  • 8 barrels to a pallet (half pallet MOQ)

We also have incoming and outgoing once used Jack Daniel's barrels. Our coopers meticulously go over every barrel, identifying any problems, making repairs and ensuring a quality product.
Pricing starts at $120/barrel, with discounts for orders of 30 or more. 

  • 53g American oak barrel
  • Aged for a minimum of 4 years
  • 100% ready for refill
  • 8 barrels to a pallet (half pallet MOQ)

If you have questions or would like a quote you can email jessica@countryconnection.biz, call (530) 589-1507 or visit our website today to fill out an easy, online quote.

multiple use whiskey barrels_edit.jpg

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