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You are probably in the wrong place.  Craft Maltsters Guild is where you would want to ask this question.  http://craftmalting.com/  There is a "contact us" towards the bottom of the page.  If no one responds in a day or two let me know and I'll try to get you an invite.  But, I would need your name, company name, location and what you are trying to accomplish to put this out as a general mailing to the Guild.

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Since you are an individual interested in malting, I'd highly recommend joining the CMG. They have a member's only forum with excellent information as well as videos on equipment and other things. $150 a year to join as an individual http://craftmalting.com/the-guild/membership/

Also you can reach out to Adam at IPEC (https://www.ipec-inc.com/foodbev/malt/) about their malting equipment, he is really nice and helpful.

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Echoing what others have said: Craft Maltsters guild is where to look. They have a map of craft maltsters so you can find one locally.

A lot of the craft maltsters make/contract their own equipment. Many repurpose other other ag processing and storage equipment. Rootshoot Malting in Loveland, CO was the first to bring a Kaspar Schulz unit to the US. Also check out Intelligent malt in Fargo, ND. 

North Dakota State University runs a barley and malt short course as well as a field course. I took it this year and learned a ton. 

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To echo the points made here there's quite a few resources available. 
First - Craft Malt Guild - an excellent resource for new maltsters looking to enter the market. You'll find a bunch of different setups and equipment, but it's a comprehensive group of who is malting in the US. 
Can't recommend the NDSU Barley to Brewhouse course enough. The connections and information you'll take away will be particularly valuable. There's two courses, the first is the NDSU Barley Field School held in July, and then the Barley to Brewhouse course offered in October. Another resource is the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Center up in Winnipeg offers classes and certification for new maltsters.
Andrea and Christian at Valley Malt are an invaluable resource for craft maltsters. Wouldn't hurt to reach out to either of them as well.
Full Disclosure (and thanks for the shout out b_rad) I do work for Intelligent Malt, but I'll contact you directly with information about our equipment. 
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