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Totes for grain disposal


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We are planning on giving our spent grains to local farmers but don't have the proper totes or drums yet. What are you using, are you getting it back immediately for reuse..etc? I am leaning towards standard 300 gal plastic totes, but the lids are usually pretty small and prevent using a shovel to still or scoop if needed. Plastic drums could also be an option. 


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Depending on your volume, Rubbermaid Brute trash cans work well.  The nice thing is they stack up well, so they don't take up a ton of space.  Lots of our local breweries are using these.  Two people can comfortably lift them into and out of a pickup.  Good for smaller farmers who don't necessarily have forklifts, or reconfigure their bucket loaders to take off totes.  They have lids, which is nice, but they tend to go flying off the back of a pickup.  The handles are sturdy and they seem to hold up to pretty rough abuse.

We also use smaller poly barrels with locking rings, these were used food grade drums that we procured pretty cheap.  This is really useful during the warmer months, as you can lock them down air-tight.  If you need to store your spent grain indoors, it helps to have a way to not have to deal with the issues of open tops (stink and fruit flies).  Our farmer loves these in the summer - since with the lock rings they tend to stay a little fresher longer, but hates these in the winter, since when it starts to freeze, it's impossible to get out (the barrels taper to the top).

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