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Electric Steam Generator

Red Pine

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Has anyone looked into using an electric steam generator for heating their mash tun and/or still? I'm just starting to look at this option and wanted to see if anyone has experience on the matter. A boiler would be great, but I'm in a rental space in which I don't plan to stay in past 3-5 years and I'd also be responsible for installing and subsequently removing everything I alter while I occupy the space. This seems like a reasonable alternative to get the steam heating I desire and still keep my impact on the space low.

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Sussman Boilers work well, I've worked with them on several stills. cost of operation is a bit higher than gas boilers, piping is the same, but requirements for firewalls and such are much less stringent than with gas fired.

you will find the law of diminishing returns applies the larger you go. but for smaller distilleries 0-150 gallons electric bain marie works welll and is cheaper, I would use an electric boiler for anything larger.

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