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Fermenters/Mash Pumps for Sale


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(2) Stainless steel fermenters, approximately 800 gallons. Jacketed for cooling, CIP spray ball, thermowell, manway in the top, side opening for venting, valve included. These are equipped with DN fittings. One tank has a dent from vacuum created when we pumped out. We've been using it for 7 years, without issue. I'm sure the dent could be smoothed out but we didn't take the time to do that. Besides that, there's nothing wrong with these tanks. $5000/each. 

(2) Netzsch Progressing Cavity Mash Pumps, 3 phase, 460 volt, capable of moving 12000/24,000 l/h (high and low) (as seen here, goo.gl/ojtzge), $1500/ea. 

We are selling because we are undergoing a large expansion and upgrading. We use this equipment on a daily basis but there is no warranty implied. All products are as is, where is. 

Message us here, email smoothambler at gmail dot com, or call the office 304-497-3123. Ask for John. 



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