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Ethanol recovery w/o running water


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I won't always have access to cold running water. So I need to be self contained. I don't mind pumping fluids around. 

Distillation of ethanol is occurring under vacuum. This is a falling film setup. Getting vapor at 65-70c. 

I need to chill a 4"x36 and 4"x24 shotgun condensers hooked in series. Both have 7x (3/4") tubes. For evaporation we have a jacketed 4"x48" column we need to heat. What are some affordable options for self contained heating and chilling? Steam generator and air to water exchanger with wort chiller? I'm hoping to reach 20-26L/hr recovery.

We currently have a 5L/-40c chiller for a small condenser on another rig, but we know it's no where large enough for the upgrade. 


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