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SOLD! 60 Gallon 16 plate electric hybrid still from ASD

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Hey everyone!

We're almost ready to receive our new still so it's time to re-post this beauty :)

This still was awesome for me. It enabled me to grow my business for 3 years before investing in a huge system. I was able to stay fully electric for years, significantly cutting down my initial investment costs. I was able to run everything on one still,  stripping ferments, spirit runs, gin runs and rum all in one place. In year 2 I added an electric continuous stripping still and that kept me going all the way to the end of year 3. Now its time to go big, and pass this starter system on. (I'm not selling the continuous stripper yet, but we can talk if you're interested)

We will run this still 6 days a week right up to when we turn it off. If the buyer wants to come down and see it in action, we'd be happy to provide on-site training for a few days. Perfect for a startup :)

Now the deets:

Artisan Still Design (ASD) 
Delivered Nov 2014
60 Gallon Series 1 Modular Still
Computer Controlled with integrated electric heat and Dephlegmator controll (can be run full-manual)
304 Stainless steel boiler, electric Baine Marie Heat  (3 x 4500W Elements)
    - easily run on steam if you want
16 plate fully versatile stainless column with copper caps
French Brandy style copper helmet
Custom designed in-line Gin Basket
2hp CIP system
Fully Versatile from stripping to gin/rum/whiskey/brandy and vodka on 1 still!


Located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada V9N7S7
Ready for pickup in Feb 
$25K USD 
We'll take it apart for you, but buyer is responsible for costs associated with crating and shipping

Shoot me an email for questions (delete the spaces ;) )
Dave @ WaywardOrder  .  com


ASD 200L.jpg




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2 hours ago, SlickFloss said:

Out of curiosity could you just swap out the kettle for a larger size and run the same column?

Yes, but only to a point. Eventually the column would be overwhelmed.

We could probably double the pot (to 120G) with a little finesse. But we are going to right up to 300G so it won't work for us.

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