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I am a senior chemical engineering student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology looking to begin my career in a distillery. Recently one of my senior design projects involved the design of a distillery and I absolutely loved project. In addition to this project I have hands on experience in distillation processes from my lab experiences in unit operations working with industrial distillation columns and other equipment. I also have distilled bourbon and whiskey as projects for my classes in organic chemistry.

Specific to breweries and distilleries my course work in engineering has also involved the design of several other smaller scale brewery and distillation processes. During my junior year I worked on a project modeling and designing a brewery with several mechanical and electrical engineering students.

As far as hands on experience outside of academia I have had several internships in manufacturing environments. This past summer I had a co-op with a steel manufacturer performing quality control and process engineering tasks. The summer before that I interned at a utilities company on the startup of a landfill gas power plant, working directly under the project manager on the startup of a filtration process and several pieces of equipment.

I am more than willing to relocate to pursue a position as a distiller. I am a quick learner and excel at applying my knowledge to hands on situations.

Thank You,

William Hubbs


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