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TTB Gauging Table 4 has a mistake


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Who do you contact at the TTB to let them know that they have a mistake in one of their gauging manuals?  I am loading Table 4 into my database and discovered that Wine Gallons Per Pound is incorrect for 173.7 Proof.




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Good catch, but they know it.  The gauging manual contains the following:

§ 30.64 Table 4, showing the fractional part of a gallon per pound at each percent and each tenth percent of proof of spirituous liquor.

link to PDF Table 4 [TTB editorial note: Erratum on page 549, Proof of 173.7 proof should read Wine gallon per pound of 0.14233]

I didn't know that until I started poking around.  The tables have been around since dirt and I figured someone had to have caught this before.  They had.  TTB should update the tables, but ... 


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