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Thinning mash to make more liquid


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Does anybody know of an additive that can be added to a thick mash to make it more liquid?

You mean apart from H2O? :)

Check with Specialty Enzyme in California.

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Do an iodine test. If you're not getting complete saccharification, you need to add enzyme...alpha and beta amylase. These are available with trade names like Dextrozyme, etc. First, though, make sure you're mashing correctly. If your temps are off, you may be destroying any natural enzyme (that you're paying for) in the malt you're buying.

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less grain, more water. No additive necessary if you're making a barley wash.

If its corn mash add 10% barley at 140 degree as you heat it

and 105 more at 140 as you cool it.

bill owens

105 more is a typo for 10% more

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First what are you mashing? there are liquification enzymes out there that will do what you want. check with novazyme they will have one that will work for you


why not just use good old fashioned malt?

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