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Head Distiller needed in Scottsdale, AZ!


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Job Title:        Head Distiller

Reports To:    Owner of Distillery

Supervises:    Assistant Distiller


Job Purpose


The Head Distiller manages all aspects of distilling, training of Assistant Distiller, sanitation, and safety procedures, while promoting our company’s distillery’s spirits.  The Head Distiller will maintain the integrity of the distillery and its operations by adhering to all distillery rules and schedules, as well as all federal and state laws and regulations.   The Head Distiller will understand and have the ability to perform all aspects of the distilling process, but not limited to, packaging, record keeping, tax reporting, cleaning and distillery maintenance.


Duties & Responsibilities


Below is a list of the primary job duties and responsibilities.


  • Manage recipe development and spirit integrity.
  • Create and manage all record keeping in spreadsheets or any other required spirits programs suited for distillery.
  • Control all ordering and materials inventory to produce and control cost of goods or COGS.
  •  Supervise cleanliness and sanitation procedures for all distillery operations and equipment including compliance with CIP (Clean-In-Place) standards.
  • Performs every aspect of production including, if applicable, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, tasting, proofing, cellaring, bottling, blending, labeling procedures, and schedules.
  • Provide oversight of all distillery personnel and operations.
  • Complete lab testing and quality control procedures.
  • Evaluate and monitor spirits produced and raw materials involved in distilling.
  • Schedule work in the distillery to meet budget and production requirements.
  • In consortium with production manager/or owner, provide weekly or monthly product and spirits forecasts.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the distillery and for the product it produces.
  • Attend all management meetings as required.




Below are the minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the position of Head Distiller.  The Head Distiller will be comfortable in the role of being the “face of the distillery”.


  • Possess great people and communication skills, with previous experience at interfacing with the public, conduct distillery tours and attending special events.
  • Possess advanced spirits knowledge and keen sense of smell and taste.
  • Able to work with Chef and GM in food pairing and spirits dinners.
  • A keen understanding of food and the restaurant industry.
  • Ability to nurture and train Assistant Distiller and other distillery staff.

·       Fundamental knowledge of plumbing and machinery mechanics/maintenance inherent to the spirits process.

·       Ability to nurture growth and expansion in the brewhouse through foresight.

·       Have a focused skill-set that supports the business of craft distilling.

·       Displaying a high level of professionalism and customer service insight.

·       Continuous demonstration of initiative and self-motivation.

·       Strong organizational and scheduling skills.

·       Ability to work independently in a team environment.


Working Conditions & Physical Requirements


This position is physically demanding.  By accepting the position of Head Distiller, the candidate acknowledges the physical demands of this job, and acknowledges that they are capable of fulfilling the following requirements.


Working Conditions & Physical Requirements - continued


·       Ability to lift up to 110 pounds and move 150 pounds

·       Have a minimum of 5 years as a distiller in the industry

·       Are at least 21 years of age

·       Ability to stand, stoop, bend and work overhead over the course of several hours

·       Ability to climb ladders, stairs and ramps

·       A valid driver’s license free of any major violations in the last three years

·       Ability to work in small, confined spaces

·       Ability to pass a background check

·       At least 21 years of age

·       Ability to accomplish basic mathematical functions, including basic algebra

·       Ability to work continuously on wet floors and with wet equipment.

·       Ability to work within a loud to moderate continuous noise in work area.

·       Willingness to work with strong and often times hazardous chemicals.




The Head Distiller must be available for work during any hours of operation including weekends, evenings, and special events as required.  The Head Distiller is expected to be flexible in scheduling and punctuality; integrity of all staff is strictly enforced.


Smoking is prohibited everywhere on company grounds, except in designated outdoor areas.


Attire should be sensible for the work that is being performed, and appropriate for representing our distillery’s dress for success.  Close-toed shoes are required.



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