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Canadian compatible software for distillery management

Dan Armeneau

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Does anybody here know what distillery management software works well for us Canadians? Any recommendations? 


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Hi Dan, Stillhouse offers a great solution for Canadian distillers. Our goal is to make the not-so-fun aspects of managing a distillery easier, and can help you compile your monthly reports, as well as monitor everything in litres of absolute alcohol. If you're interested in checking it out we'd be happy to set up a demo to walk you through it. We can even link you up with some current clients of ours if you want to talk to them more about how they find value in Stillhouse. Give us a ring or shoot us a message and we hope to hear from you soon. 






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Vancouver Island distiller here. Purtrak (dot com) is used by a lot of BC distilleries and many are now asking to be released from their contracts (!) with US suppliers in order to get something more suited to the Canadian CRA regime. I am looking into it myself.  

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