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PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll


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Any suggestions on an out of the box unit/item/set I can purchase to add a PID controlled cooling water valve?  (read temperature, adjust water flow) 

Not looking for anything fancy, just something with a temp probe, PID and 3/4" water valve (pneumatic or electrically powered). 

Input on ON/OFF vs proportional PIDs would also be appreciated.


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21 hours ago, indyspirits said:

I dont think you're going to be that price.  Make sure the operating pressure differential is appropriate for your setup. Also what happens on valve failure -- open or close?

I tried to research some of these questions prior to purchase, but no info is available, and no sales support from the company.  I am also assuming it uses a simple on/off valve and not a proportional one.  It seems a proportional pid/valve would work a lot better for condenser cooling.

For my application I dont think pressure will be an issue.  I am hoping the valve is "normally open" so if there is a failure it just sends way more cooling water than needed.  We will keep our current temp probe and alarm in place in case there is a malfunction/issue we will be alerted to it. 

I can post more info once the thing arrives/gets installed if other folks are curious.

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