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Private Label Estimate and Contract Examples

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Been a long time since I've been around here, but glad to be back. I have a client who has approached us about private label production (read: contract manufacturing) for a product. We've looked at a few pricing models to guide our estimate/quote for him, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a contract or estimate template you'd be willing to share. Just want to see what others have done and to be sure we haven't omitted anything from our cost estimates. 

Thanks for your help. 


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we do tons of contract bottling.

it is 

1. time

2. what you are doing

3. how complex it is

4. how many stickers/ labels

5. is there extra work? put hang tags on or build custom boxes???

6. volume to be filled.

Also, its not how many cases per year it is how many cases per bottling run....


Take care.



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