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Shayona Glass

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Hello All

My name is Rakesh Pathak from Shayona Corporation India.My company is into custom production of Quality Recycled Glass Bottles/Glasswares/Glass Ash Trays/Glass Decanters/Shot Glass/Wine Glass/Whisky glass thru automatic and hand blown process.We have started our production facility before 2 years back and are expanding our network.We would like to seek opportunities from the buyers of these items.For more information kindly get in touch with us as we are already exporting our glass to US and Mexico

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Hi we have made some Whisky Glasses for the US markets.All are Prop 65 compliant 

Besides we can also make and design Quality Glass Tumblers for Whisky based on custom design for a quantity of 50000 glasses on Fully Automatic Lynch Machines.If interested kindly write to us at info@shacorp.in

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