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Head Distiller Wanted

Hollow Spirits

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Hollow Spirits is a new distillery opening in Albuquerque, New Mexico, early 2018. We are looking for someone who is as excited and as motivated as we are to build a lasting name and quality spirits from the ground up. The ideal person for this position is a skilled distiller who knows their way around fermentation; someone who can see a quality product through from sourcing all the way to bottling; who has an intuitive understanding of the processes involved in and the chemistry behind brewing and/or distilling. The work is hard and there is a lot of it, but at the end of the day it is very rewarding and you will have something to show for it. You will have created something truly unique. If you have the knowledge and the skill, and if this level of responsibility and creative freedom appeals to you, we would like to work with you. Minimum of three years experience distilling and/or brewing.

Job Responsibilities

· Prepare and manage mashing, fermentation, distillation, barreling, processing, bottling, and shipping processes
· Performing regular testing throughout fermentation and distilling process to determine necessary information in producing a quality product.
· Cleaning of all tanks by rinsing after cooking or fermentation is complete.
· Maintaining a high level of housekeeping within the assigned area and other surrounding areas
· Production forecasting and planning
· Able to efficiently direct the work of others towards production goals
· Materials sourcing and storage
· Establishing efficient bottling and packaging procedures
· Strong organization and record keeping skills
· Maintain recordkeeping related to all filings with the Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB), OSHA, EPA, FDA & DOT agencies
· Is able to represent Hollow Spirits well in public and at events
· Learns from mistakes and constantly improves as an aptitude with mechanical devices, tools, and equipment

Physical responsibilities

· Must be able to stand for the duration of a shift as well as routinely lift up to 75 lbs and perform physically demanding tasks regularly
· Position requires use of hands to perform fine manipulation of glass and mechanical equipment
· Be able to Identify inconsistencies in color, clarity, smell and taste
· Safely handle mildly hazardous materials (primarily for cleaning) and responsibly operate complex machinery

Must be willing to relocate to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Please Contact Us

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