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Aged Bourbon

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Here is what I have left available to sell. Get some stock for the holiday season!!!

10 Barrels barreled March 2015 -  $3500ea

15 Barrels barreled October 2015 - $3200ea

15 Barrels barreled March 2016 - $3000ea

15 Barrels barreled October 2016 - $3000ea

Prices do not include shipping. Ships from western WI. Must have a DSP to transfer barrels. 

The whiskey is high quality hand made in small batches and aged in 53 Gallon barrels, 4 grain mash bill with high wheat, very smooth. Let me know what you need, no time wasters please!!!


Thanks, Austin

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Am I doing the math wrong? Can someone confirm my calculations because this seems awful expensiv!

53 initial gallons (Lord only knows much has leaked and/or evaporated)
120 initial proof
63 proof gallons per barrel
354 750ml bottles at sellers recommended 90 proof = $9.87 per 750ml (plus shipping)

398 bottles at 80 proof = $8.79 per 750ml (plus shipping)

Even that new make at 13 months old is $7.54 per bottle.

Shipping, tax, bottling costs and a $35.00 shelf price is losing money before labor is even calculated. I must be doing the math wrong!

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MGL. I’m not sure on the math, I have extra bourbon sitting around and I’d like to make some money on it so I can set down more bourbon and some rye. The price is what it is and you’re welcome to make an offer if you’d like some. I really think this is a high quality product that you won’t find everywhere, I’ve been sending samples out all week  

My distributer pays over double that right now so there’s no real need to lower the price too much, but thanks for the input.


yours, Austin


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Have you moved these barrels yet? I'm interested in a sample of the early 2015 run. If it's still available, shoot me an email at nate [at] corgispirits [dot] com for DSP and address. Thanks, best of luck at Nordeast.

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