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Boiler Chemicals


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What are people using for boiler chemicals?  Our original chemical company is not longer around and just ran out of chemicals a little while ago.  Got a quote from a new company but seemed crazy high that a 5 gallon pail is quote for $800.  I see Chem World listing boiler chemicals for $140 for 5 gallons.  Anyone have a go to source and recommendation on what to use?  I figure I can build a flow meter linked to a raspberry pi board that will auto-dose on water usage, but not sure precisely what chemical to use.  All help is appreciated.  I don't want to neglect one of my most expensive pieces of equipment, but don't feel like getting ripped off either.



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A 5 gallon All in one such as #2210 Made by Power Engineering costs us $99.90 for the bucket.

Its good to have a water chemstry expert from one of those Chem Sellers to take a look at your water and your system.

At the very least its good to have a TDS/PH meter and a Sulfite reagent test kit on hand which should be read minimum of once a week with Blowdown schedule every day the boiler is run to maintain Conductivity, PH, TDS, and Chemical PPM.



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