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I use pot still to make distillation . Head finished 83%, hearts 79% end. How could you get lower degree than I collected by using flute still. I dont get it, could you answer me...

My Calculation cuts: %14 head, %65 hearts

ex:7:25 chapter:



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on my column I can run anywhere from 125 to 185 proof depending on heat input, reflux rate, and #of plates.   If I want less proof, then more heat, less reflux and fewer plates.  Higher proof, less heat, more plates, or more reflux.  I only do single runs, so I can't say what it would do if run as strip, then finish run, but I would expect it to run similarly.  

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i understand what you mean ... an exemple of Glenmorgie stills have swanneck more than 5 metres and the hearts they get between %65 and % 70. as you says ı guess ıf you want to get lower degree spirit ,it has to be distilled fast ..

i  aim to get  fast distil and lower than %80 degree hearts.What do you think about this beacuse you know  fast distill may cause some  smell aromas,bad tastes... 

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